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Our dedicated team of solicitors specialise in cases for survivors of abuse who are seeking compensation through the courts. We represent both children and adults who are often traumatised by recalling events of sexual, physical or emotional abuse in their past.

If you were abused as a child, or you’re a parent or carer of a child that has been abused, you may wonder who to turn to.

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We help you claim compensation and obtain justice
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Legal Aid may be available

In many cases the survivor of the abuse was in the care of Social Services or known to the authorities at the time the abuse occurred. In these circumstances there may be grounds to pursue compensation from the authorities as a direct result of their failure to prevent the abuse from occurring.

We can also help you identify the individuals or organisations which might be legally responsible for what you went through.

Even if the abuse happened many years ago, you should contact us to discuss how we can help you. We have successfully helped people to claim even when the abuse took place decades ago.

We understand that the unique nature of claims for child abuse needs specialist knowledge and experience. That is why we have a specialist team of lawyers working on these claims.
Over the years we have helped many people claim compensation for sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

Our Commitment

We appreciate the sensitive nature of child abuse claims and we are committed to pursuing cases to the best possible outcome, without causing any additional psychological trauma to those affected.
As always, our clients’ interests come first, and that means we will work with you from the outset to understand the details of your abuse, while making sure we do not add to the trauma you have already suffered.
Our commitment is to supporting you as our client, and to achieve justice – whether you find that sense of closure through financial compensation, through an apology or by holding the organisation who failed to protect you to account.

Funding Your Case

Financing a claim can be a major concern for people.  You may entitled to compensation, but are put-off by the potential costs. This is where Bhatia Best Solicitors can help you.
Child abuse claims are often eligible for public funding, which will be used to provide legal aid for your case. Whether or not you are eligible for financial aid depends upon your personal circumstances and how likely your case is to be successful.
If your case is not eligible for public funding, we may still be able to take your case on using a “no win, no fee” basis.
At your initial consultation, our experts will advise whether you may qualify for legal aid and discuss all funding options that may be available.

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