Retraction Statements

Retract a witness statement

We are able to draft retraction statements and serve them on the Court, the Police, and the CPS. Legal Aid is usually available for those on low income or certain benefits.

If you have given a statement to the police but now wish to retract it, you should contact a solicitor as soon as possible. A retraction statement can be given indicating your unwillingness to attend Court and give evidence. If you are considering retracting a witness statement, contact us now.

Do not contact the police if you wish to retract your statement. The police will usually have little interest in taking a retraction statement and as such, you should always contact a solicitor. At Bhatia Best, we draft comprehensive retraction statements and serve them on the Court, the CPS and the Defendant’s solicitors without delay – often the same day.

Why retract a statement?

There are many reasons you may wish to retract a witness statement:

  • You no longer support the prosecution and do not want to attend Court to give evidence
  • You felt pressured by the police to give a statement
  • The police took your witness statement whilst you were intoxicated

Whatever the reason, we can advise you as to the process and ensure a statement is taken at short notice.

Can I get legal aid for retracting a police statement?

Legal Aid is usually available for retraction statements for those on certain state benefits or those with low income. This means that there would be no cost. Contact us to find out if you are eligible for Legal Aid. If Legal Aid is not available, we offer a low fixed-fee with no hidden charges.

Retraction statetment request form

If you want to retract a statement, compelte the form below and one of our solicitors will contact you shortly. Please provide as much detail as possible.