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Abolition of IPP for dangerous offenders. New mandatory life sentences.

Indefinite sentences of imprisonment for public protection have been replaced by a new regime which is effective from 3rd December 2012. The primary sentence to replace the IPP is the Extended Determinate Sentence (EDS). This consists of a fixed term followed by an extended period of licence. There are two release provisions, depending upon the seriousness of the offence: For less serious matters there will be automatic release after two thirds of the term. The offender will then remain on licence for the balance of the custodial term and the extended period thereafter. The most serious offences will not result in automatic release until the expiry of the custodial term. The offender will however have the right to apply for...

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Indeterminate sentences ruled unlawful

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that indeterminate sentences for public protection (IPP) are unlawful. More than 6000 prisoners in England and Wales are currently serving such sentences. Many are detained beyond the term fixed within the sentence as punishment and under the current legislation must prove that they are no longer a danger to society before being released. The court ruled that prisoners, particularly those with learning difficulties or mental health problems have "no realistic chance" of attending or passing rehabilitation courses to prove that they are fit for release. The Howard League for Penal Reform has campaigned against these sentences for many years as being wrong in principle and practice. Clients should note that this ruling...

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