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Cohabitation and Marriage: some common misconceptions.

We have all heard of the term ‘common law marriage’ but what many do not realise is that this has no legal recognition. Let’s look at some important differences between a married couple and a couple who are cohabiting:   i.     Banking Cohabitation: If you and your partner have two bank accounts, these remain exclusive to each of you, neither having any rights to the other’s account. If one of you dies, the money will remain the property of the deceased until the estate is settled. If you have a joint account, both of you have access to it regardless of who pays money into it. If one of you dies, the other will continue to have access to it unless it...

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Recent ruling as to what constitutes a valid marriage

In the recent case of MA –v- JA and the Attorney General (2012) EWHC 2219 (FAM) the court ruled that a marriage was valid: • A husband and wife asserted that they had been validly married in a ceremony of marriage that took place at a mosque in 2002. They sought a declaration that their marriage was valid at its inception. The Attorney General opposed this application submitting that the ceremony had no effect in English law and was therefore a “non-marriage”. • The Judge had heard oral evidence from the husband and wife and was satisfied that they intended to contract a marriage that was valid under English law. However, the Judge was not satisfied that all of the...

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