Alias Yousef

Position(s):  Solicitor

Area(s) of Practice: Criminal Defence

Office: Nottingham

Phone: 0333 016 3333


About Alias

Alias joined our team in May 2016 after spending many years practicing in the West Midlands. By that time he already had 10 years’ experience in Police Station Representation.

Alias completed his training with Bhatia Best and now works out of our head office in Nottingham.

As of January 2021, Alias is a Duty Solicitor on the Nottingham Scheme.

Although based in Nottingham, Alias is one of our most mobile solicitors and often travels further afield to represent clients who need our assistance in other areas of the Midlands.

Alias brings an unbridled tenacity in his approach to any case and is relentlessly focused upon getting the best result for his clients. Never restricting his activities to the so called “9 to 5”, Alias is a true 24/7 solicitor.

His confident and winning ways with clients stand him in good stead when facing down the significant challenges of working in today’s Criminal Litigation sector.

In his spare time, Alias is a keen fitness and gym enthusiast. In addition to his Law Degree, Alias holds qualifications in Sports Science, Personal Fitness Training and Nutrition and Health. He also holds a black belt in Kickboxing and Thai Boxing.