Associate Solicitor

Serena is one of our senior Associates, having first joined the firm in 1999. She works in our Criminal Defence Department.

Serena has a wealth of experience in dealing with serious and complex criminal cases, including those involving young people and vulnerable defendants.

With previous experience in a Senior Crown Prosecuting role, Serena brings an invaluable perspective to her cases. Her calm and approachable manner assists her to put clients at ease whilst allowing her to get to the root of any issue quickly. This, coupled with an early tactical analysis of the evidence, allows her to ensure that cases are dealt with fairly and wherever appropriate, resolved swiftly.

With an ability to highlight the ‘human element’ of a case, it is not uncommon for her clients to be given a chance even in the face of adverse circumstances.

Serena’s extensive experience of working within the Criminal Justice System enables her to provide sound, confident advice from the outset of a case and offer robust representation throughout, whether in court or at the police station.


✅ Criminal Defence
✅ Magistrates Court Representation

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