1100 Construction sites fail to meet basic safety standards

During September 2013 the Health & Safety Executive(HSE) carried out a number of unannounced visits to construction sites.

The HSE has carried out inspections of a similar nature in the past.  The purpose being to enforce standards, prevent immediate risks, bring about improvements to the workplace and to ensure that the HSE’s expectations of the industry are met.

As part of the investigation the HSE visited in excess of 2,500 sites where work was taking place.  The results of the unannounced inspections left the HSE concerned.

In brief, the Inspectors found that they were left with no option but  to issue in excess of 500 Prohibition Notices, which meant that dangerous activities which were being performed at these sites ceased immediately.  Out of the total sites visited, approximately 1,100 were not meeting basic safety standards.  The Health and Safety Executive believed it to be necessary to commence Enforcement Proceedings at 644 sites as well as issuing in excess of 400 Improvement Notices requiring standards to be raised.

It is imperative that businesses across the board continue to take necessary steps to ensure that they are compliant with Health & Safety legislation, a breach of which can lead to a detrimental affect on the business and where a successful conviction, may lead to a considerable fine and possible prison sentences for Directors and employees.