Post Office Claims

At Bhatia Best, we have been entrusted by clients to pursue actions on behalf of those affected by “The Post Office Scandal”. 

This is a complex and challenging litigation action involving the quashing of criminal convictions of clients wrongly accused of fraud and theft and obtaining for them substantial compensation.

Some clients have had payments made to them but lost large slices of their compensation in legal fees. There are now avenues open for those claims to be reopened and further pursued. 

Some clients were not prosecuted but were accused of shortfalls in their tills and made to repay sums of money that they did not owe.

How can we help you?

Remember, you do not have to have been prosecuted. You may have been a Post Office worker, who’s Sub Postmaster/Mistress was accused, and your job was lost.

We will use our knowledge and expertise to guide through the minefield of information and data in a simple, step by step manner.

If you were a victim of any of these events or know of anyone affected in any way, then contact us for free impartial and friendly advice.

Call Bhatia Best on 0333 016 3333 option 3 or fill in our contact form and will get back to you.

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