Legal Aid

Not every law firm can offer legal aid – but Bhatia Best can.

We hold a number of contracts with the Legal Aid Agency which allows us to arrange Legal Aid funding. Legal Aid is limited to certain areas of law (such as criminal defence and some child law matters) and is usually dependent on your finances including capital and income.

Our lawyers are able to assess your eligibility for Legal Aid at your initial appointment.

Fixed Fees

Where Legal Aid is not available, we offer a range of competitive private fees. Our fees are transparent, agreed in advance and do not come with any hidden charges. We publish certain fees on our website such as for Motoring Law and Employment Law which accord with the Transparency Rules issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Where additional expenses may be incurred, such as Court fees, fees for an expert’s report, or to instruct a barrister, these will be explained and agreed with you.

Where hourly rate charges are appropriate, we will set out the rates for different levels of caseworker.  Our rates are typically set by reference to the Guideline Hourly Rates approved by the Courts. You can find these here.


Other sources of funding

We can also examine other potential sources of funding at the outset of your case. Some areas of law (such as personal injury claims) may be covered by your existing insurance policies, such as home insurance.

We also offer ‘no win no fee’ arrangements for personal injury cases.

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