Children Claims

Personal Injury Suffered By Children

We hold our children dear and when they are hurt, we want the very best help and assistance for them.

Here at Bhatia Best, we have decades of experience in dealing with all manner of claims where children have suffered injuries from accidents in kids play areas, bullying at school, abuse and domestic violence cases to serious consequences from clinical negligence.

The challenge with dealing with a child’s claim is that they are not always able to tell you what hurts and where it hurts. There is also the mental trauma that they carry which can often go unheard.

How can we help you?

Through our established network of medical experts, we can extract all the relevant details to ensure that your child’s injury claim is fully investigated and then pursued.

As children cannot act for themselves, a responsible adult is required, and this is called a “Litigation Friend”.

On a step-by-step basis, we will guide you through the claims process from taking initial instructions to having the damages “Approved” by a Judge, with guidance on the investment of those damages by our outsourced and approved financial advisors.

For any type of enquiry regarding a child, Call Bhatia Best on 0333 016 3333 option 3 or fill in our contact form and will get back to you.

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