What will it cost?

The Law Society offers the following guidance on legal fees:

What your solicitor will charge depends on the type of work carried out. 

Your solicitor should:

  •  tell you how much your case is likely to cost at the outset
  •  keep you updated about costs during the process
  •  give you a final bill clearly showing what work was done and when, and the amount charged

Charges may include:

  •  their basic fee
  •  expenses
  •  a success fee – an added fee if your case is successful and you have a conditional fee agreement also called no win no fee
  •  premiums for after-the-event insurance or any other legal expenses insurance
  •  disbursements – for example costs for police report fees or getting medical reports
  •  any other fees – for example court, barrister and expert fees

You can discuss payment options with your solicitor. For example, they may be able to offer you:

  •  a no win, no fee agreement
  •  damages-based agreements
  • Fixed fee
  •  free or one-off payment advice
  • Legal Aid 


How can we help you?

Your solicitor may take out after-the-event insurance for you, so that you can pay the other side’s legal costs if you lose. It may also cover your solicitor’s expenses.

No win, no fee agreements

You agree to pay only if you win your case. However, you may still have to pay, in certain circumstances, if the agreement is ended by you or your solicitors before the case finishes.

Damages-based agreements

You agree with your solicitor to pay a set percentage of the compensation you receive if you win your case.

Fixed fee

Certain work can be carried out on a fixed fee basis

Free or one-off payment advice

Legal Aid

In limited circumstances, you may be entitled to Legal Aid.

Depending on your type of case, Bhatia Best offer a free or one-off payment advice session.

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