Clinical Negligence

If you have suffered an injury as a result of medical negligence then we are here to assist you in recovering damages. Our Clinical Negligence Lawyers will guide you through the process from start to finish.

So, what is Medical Negligence?

Medical Negligence or Clinical Negligence is when the medical professional, a doctor or medical member of staff makes mistakes or failed in their duty of care to you which, results in injury or where an existing injury is exacerbated. Medical negligence can happen through incorrect treatment or medication, mistakes during surgical procedures or by simply misdiagnosing a condition.

Medical Negligence can occur as a result of a mistake made by the NHS by Private Healthcare, Nursing Homes and Care Homes. Whatever the situation, our lawyers are here to assist.

How do you pursue a claim for Medical Negligence?

The initial step of pursuing a claim for medical negligence would be to contact ourselves as soon as possible. Our lawyers will offer you a free initial consultation where they will be able to tell you if you have a case.

By taking the initial step this will allow us an opportunity to work on your case quickly while the circumstances of the incident are still fresh in your mind. We will of course respect your privacy and deal with your claim with the sensitivity it deserves.

The time limits for making a Medical Negligence Claim

Usually an individual must ensure a claim for medical negligence is commenced within 3 years of finding out you have injured as a result of receiving negligent treatment or from the date of your knowledge of the treatment you received, fell below the highest of standards.

There are a number of exceptions to this rule:

  1. Mental capacity. If a person lacks mental capacity to make a claim for themselves then there is no time limit for making a claim.
  2. Children. Where a child has been negligently treated a claim can be made at anytime before the child turns 18. Alternatively the child can pursue a claim from the age of 18 where the 3-year rule comes into effect so a claim need to be started before they turn 21.

How long do Medical Negligence Claims take to resolve?

Medical Negligence claims can be complex in nature and sometimes involve a number of institutions who have provided you with treatment. The severity of your injury and whether the Healthcare accepts responsibility, will all impact the time it takes to resolve your case. From our experience a medical negligence claim can take anything from a few months to a number of years to settle.

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