Criminal Injury Compensation Authority

Victim of a criminal assault/serious injury

Have you been the victim of an unprovoked criminal act of violence?

Have you suffered serious injury?

Here at Bhatia Best, we specialize in dealing with claims for innocent victims.

To Be Eligible

You must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. You must be an Innocent Victim. You cannot be held to cause or contribute to the incident.
  2. The police must be involved and hold a report of the incident
  3. The claim for injury must be less than 2 years ago. If you suffered serious injury, this period may be extended if you were not able to deal with your affairs
  4. The injury value must be more than £1000, so minor injuries cannot be actioned by us.
  5. Any previous criminal convictions may count against you
  6. Often overlooked are victims of domestic violence and those who have suffered long term abuse.


If your case is one which we believe will succeed, then we can offer no win no fee arrangements for fee.

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